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My longstanding experience in technical documentation can be a unique asset for your projects.


Translation I have extensive experience in translating technical documentation. I only accept translation requests to and from Italian and English. If you need help in finding a translator in other language combinations I will be happy to recommend trusted providers.
Select specialist fields only:‚Äč
aerospace, defense, airport operations, maritime, logistics, renewable energy, engineering (construction), rail transportation, machinery.
I am an expert in technical manuals, parts catalogues, service bulletins, tender specifications, etc. Read more

Glossary creation and management I can analyse your documents to be translated in advance, extracting terminology (complex or recurring) in the relevant domain and providing glossary entries for review and approval.


Technical authoring in Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) If your manuals have already been written or translated into English, I can edit them for you in Simplified Technical English to improve readability and help reduce human factor risks that are related to language barriers. By using STE, it is possible to reduce the word count by at least 20% compared to the same content written in standard English, introducing high repetition matches and reducing translation costs by 30-40%. In the event of multilingual content, the translation process also impacts on product time to market: writing texts in STE will significantly reduce editing and revision time. Read more